What makes the EI Technical + Innovation programme unique

The Energy Institute is independent custodian of technical and innovation expertise for the global energy sector. Our aim is to help the rapidly changing industry move towards a safer, lower carbon future.

Make your voice heard

Access 100+ years of industry knowledge and experience

Lead the energy transition

Develop your talent

Gain value adding ROI

We are the memory and heart of our industry

Utilise our knowledge + your experience

We generate and share objective, authoritative and trusted standards and resources to strengthen our members’ licence to operate and organisational performance.

The EI's Technical + Innovation programme is for the industry, by the industry, and that means members have a real voice in the future of the global energy sector.

We develop and share comprehensive, objective and authoritative resources that ensure the highest standards of health, safety, environmental protection, sustainability and operational efficiency are met.

The energy transition is the biggest challenge of our time  and it can only be realised by working together.

As a global leader in energy training we give EI Technical + Innovation members access to expert knowledge, training and tools that can hugely benefit their employees, both professionally and personally.

For every £1, $1 or ¥1 invested in EI membership, 50 comes back in added-value impact. We add value by saving lives, mitigating risk, strengthening licence to operate, improving efficiency and more.

We are the independent custodians of technical and innovation expertise for the global energy sector. Add your experience to the collective knowledge of our industry.

EI Technical + Innovation in numbers


Industry standards and good practice documents and other resources published annually


Titles in a portfolio, with 1000+ wider industry resources via the EI Knowledge Service


Last year, the EI’s technical research programme budget was:

$ 0 M

Collaboration delivering support for the energy transition

EI Technical + Innovation offers two tiers of membership: Technical Partner and Technical Company Member. Both tiers of membership allow access to the wider benefits of the EI.


"We are dedicated to creating a better energy future for our members and society by accelerating a just global energy transition to net zero."

We are funded and supported by technical company members and partners in 120 countries. We produce research on health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) issues and set standards and good practice in support of safe and responsible generation of energy. Our members and partners from across the energy world benefit hugely from participation in, and access to, our technical and innovation work.

Lisa Rebora FEI

STAC Chairperson and VP New Business & Investments, Equinor


"The value of technical membership for any organisation addressing the energy transition is huge."

The work of STAC lies at the heart of the Energy Institute and resonates across all of our wider activity, whether that be through events and conferences, our training programme or through our work to equip a global workforce with the skills needed for the transition to net zero.

Nick Wayth CEng FEI FIMechE

Chief Executive, Energy Institute

EI Technical Partners and Technical Company Members


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