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Accelerate your career in energy»
Accelerate your career in energy»

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Demonstrate your commitment, competence and expertise by working towards professional qualifications that employers look out for, including Chartered status.

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Connect with professionals through worldwide meet-up opportunities including our young professionals' networks & branches, and free and discounted events and training.

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Utilise services to help you develop in your career, such as mentoring with EI Connect, logging your professional development with mycareerpath and gaining confidential support through EI Assist.

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Access countless e-library resources, weekly news via our digital magazine New Energy World and discounted internationally renowned technical publications and guidance.

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Join over 20,000 members from across the entire energy sector and learn about how all energy is developing. You'll discover new ideas and future opportunities.

Accelerate your career in energy

Shining a Spotlight on Energy People

Our members include everyone from engineers to environmentalists, technicians to analysts, and academics to innovators — all working towards a just energy transition.

Hear what inspired them and how membership is adding value throughout their energy career.

Jude Hughes MEI Chartered Energy Manager

I wanted to work somewhere really inspiring, that had a similar outlook to me. Where better than the Natural History Museum; which protects nature, researches climate change and of course looks after our dinosaurs!

Jude Hughes MEI Chartered Energy Manager CWM CIWM CEnv MEMA, Energy Manager, Natural History Museum — London, England

Lam Ka Ho (Polex) MEI CEM CEnv

The EI member connections I have made have expanded my professional network and provided valuable mentorship and guidance, crucial for my career growth.

Lam Ka Ho (Polex) MEI CEM CEnv, Managing Director, Lianhe Green Development


Being an AMEI has been one of the deciding factors in my career progress. Prospective employers prefer on-boarding an energy professional with a recognised membership

Dr. Oluwatosin C. Murele AMEI, Senior Consultant - Sustainability and Net Zero Processes at Elsamag Ltd, Aylesbury, UK

Paul Walker CEng MEI

As a child, I was intrigued by how things could work without any moving parts and kept asking myself, what is electricity and where does it come from?  My journey had begun!

Paul Walker CEng MEI, Electrical Technical Authority, Centrica Storage — Hessle, East Yorkshire


I joined the offshore wind industry 11 years ago. It has been really good being part of a fast-growing sector that is trying to fight climate change.

Emily Spearman CEng FEI, Head of Technology and Methodology in Engineering, bp - Offshore Wind Organisation, London, UK

Esin Serin

I grew up in Istanbul and moved over to London for university. I’d always known I wanted a career that would empower me to contribute to social good.

Esin Serin AMEI, Policy Fellow, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, LSE — London, UK


There’s a huge demand for greener jet fuel in Sweden and Europe. In my work, we’ll soon be producing green aviation fuel from HEFA-feedstock, made from waste tallow, rapeseed oil and used cooking oil.

Mattias Gustafsson AMEI, Laboratory Engineer, Preem — Gothenburg, Sweden


My interest in energy started when I visited an industrial facility with my father; the canteen was run on renewable energy, a mix of solar and biogas, something unheard of in 1980s India.

Sudeep Roy CEng MEI Chartered Energy Engineer, Operations Advisor, Qatargas Operating Company Limited — Doha, Qatar


I grew up in Nigeria where littering and waste disposal were uncontrolled. As a 14-year-old secondary school student, I took part in an essay competition which sparked my interest in energy and the environment.

Chinyere Bibian Odogwu AMEI, Energy Transition Xccelerator, X-Academy Limited — Aberdeen, Scotland

Gino and Wind Turbine

The opportunity to work directly with wind turbines and contribute to clean energy generation is the most enjoyable aspect of my job, as well as the awesome view.

Gino Antoine Leon AMEI, Wind Turbine Graduate Engineer, Public Utilities Corporation — Mahé, Seychelles

Jaz Rabadia MBE MEI Chartered Energy Manager

Being a Chartered Energy Manager has given me credibility amongst my peer group and was great recognition, showing I had gained the practical and academic experience required in my professional development.

Jaz Rabadia MBE FEI Chartered Energy Manager, Global Head of Responsible Business & Sustainability, Just Eat  — London, England

Mario Joao Gomes

Nothing is better than to connect, learn and network directly with the industry as an EI Student Member, where the leading players are.

Mario Joao Gomes — Student Member, Oil and Gas MBA, Aberdeen Business School — Aberdeen, Scotland

Sandy Kelly AMEI

As important as learning has been, so has networking. Through the London Young Professionals Network I’ve met so many like-minded people that I have connected with on a professional and social level.

Sandy Kelly AMEI, Commercial Graduate Trainee, EDF (UK) — London, England

Shahda Al Taie AMEI

I have always been interested in how things worked in the world around us. Also, the fact that both of my parents are electrical engineers meant that I grew up with admiration for what they do and how much they know.

Shahda Al Taie AMEI, ESG Manager for the energy sector, KPMG — Dubai, UAE

Zainab Titus

The thing that interests me the most about energy is that it is relevant to every field of human endeavour. I want to develop more powerful models for understanding the behaviour and performance of geological systems...

Zainab Titus — Student Member, Research Student, Imperial College London — London, England

Brian Troddyn MEI

Membership offers significant useful resources to access, including the monthly Energy World magazine, which is a great way to keep up to date on developments within the wider global energy industry.

Brian Troddyn MEI, Sustainability Manager, The Salvation Army — Perthshire, Scotland

Harry Moss MEI

I have joined various events, the most enjoyable of which have been networking at YPN events. It is always a pleasure to meet sharp minded people who are so positive and enthusiastic about the energy transition we are going through.

Harry Moss MEI, Consultant, IM3R — London, UK

Justin Emeka Okafor AMEI

As the Technical Manager of Jaza Energy Nigeria, my responsibility is to ensure that clean energy is available for homes and communities. I enjoy every bit of the job, because this has always been my passion - energy access and sustainability.

Justin Emeka Okafor AMEI, Technical Manager, Jaza Energy Nigeria — Ogbomosho City, Nigeria

Edita Adamcikova MEI Chartered Energy Manager

Delivering net zero requires action that is bigger than any one organisation, it has to be built on partnerships and collaboration. The Energy Institute is a great platform for just that.

Edita Adamcikova MEI Chartered Energy Manager, ESG Director, Viridor

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