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Fellow of the Energy Institute (FEI) is our highest level of membership

It is a title created by the energy sector for the energy sector, recognising professionals whose contribution makes a real difference.

Fellows come from all parts of the energy sector, are all ages and from all backgrounds. They can be

  • thought leaders and influencers, innovators and commentators
  • talent nurturers who go out of their way to help others achieve their goals, connect people in their area or upskill
  • advancers of knowledge, research or policy
  • champions of particular aspects of the sector, groundbreakers or grafters…

Fellows come from all parts of the energy sector – they have a passion for achieving the best for energy and wider society.

Sound like you? Why not apply? Or if you know someone who you think fits the bill, and deserves recognition, make a nomination.

Whoever they are, they will have a passion for achieving the best for the energy sector and wider society, have made a contribution which is positive, distinctive, significant and/or sustained - and show they are prepared to ‘give back’ and play a key role in helping the EI or the wider energy sector move forward.

How do I apply?

There are a range of categories against which you can make your application for Fellow – choose the category which best fits your achievements and/or contribution. The Fellowship application pack includes full information on how to apply and the information you’ll need to supply.

Download the Fellowship Application Pack

Make a nomination!

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their outstanding achievements in energy or contribution to the sector? Download our pack to find out more and make a nomination.

Download the Fellowship nomination pack

The fellowship categories

  1. Expertise in energy
  2. Innovating in energy
  3. Developing energy policy
  4. Entrepreneurship in energy
  5. Championing sustainable practice and carbon reduction
  6. Championing access to energy
  7. Leading in energy
  8. Supporting professional development and career progression
  9. Championing inclusivity in energy
  10. Advancing energy knowledge through research
  11. Contributing to the understanding of energy
  12. Promoting excellence in academia
  13. Championing the energy sector as a career choice
  14. Service to the energy profession

Download a description of the fellowship categories

Fellowship FAQs

There is an application fee of £85 (for existing members) or £100 (for non-members). The annual fee for 2024 is £208. If you join half way through the membership year, we pro rata the fee, and if you are already a member, you just pay the difference for that part of the year remaining

No, not at all, and many people apply directly.