EI Middle East branch

EI Middle East is currently represented through its UAE branch. If you would be interested in setting up a new branch elsewhere in the Middle East, please get in touch with Trevor Stott-Briggs, Managing Director, EI Middle East:

t: +971 50 615 6524

EI UAE branch

The EI UAE branch works closely with other regional institutions to offer a vibrant program of activities, as well as creating opportunities for collaboration and cooperation between the UAE and the UK across all energy sector activity.

As the UAE works towards its Energy Strategy 2050, the EI is committed to supporting the UAE energy community by sharing the knowledge, skills and good practice required to make the transition happen.

Middle East HSE and Sustainability Week

8 December 2019 - 10 December 2019,

Committee contact

Waddah Ghanem
Position: Honorary Chairman
Steve Major
Position: President
Abdullatif Albitawi
Position: Honorary Treasurer
Ashley de Sa
Position: Honorary Membership Secretary
Belinda Griffiths
Position: Honorary Media & Communications Secretary
Tadhg O’Donovan
Position: Honorary Education Secretary
Ghanim Kashwani
Position: Honorary Technology Secretary

Latest news

US and China pause trade war

After more than a year of trade tensions, the US and China signed a ‘phase one’ trade deal on 16 January 2020. As part of the deal, China has agreed to increase the value of energy imports by $52.4bn above 2017 levels over the next two years. What could this mean for the oil market?Ann-Louise Hittle...

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Middle East uncertainties

The US and Iran seem to be have stepped back from the brink of armed conflict, after Iran fired more than a dozen missiles at two airbases housing US and coalition troops at Irbil and Al Asad, west of Baghdad, Iraq, on 8 January 2020, according to media reports. Oil prices rose above $70/b, the...

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Asia to account for half global petrochemical capacity additions by 2030

Asia is to account for half of global petrochemical capacity additions by 2030, according to the latest analysis from GlobalData.Total petrochemical capacity additions  in Asia are expected to reach 311.4mn t/y by 2030, of which 292.3mn t/y will come from newbuild projects and the remaining 19....

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Oil prices rise following Iran missile strikes

Oil prices rose on Wed 8 January 2020 after Iran fired more than a dozen missiles at two airbases housing US and coalition troops at Irbil and Al Asad, west of Baghdad, Iraq. Casualties and the level of damage were unclear at the time of writing. The attacks came just hours after the burial of ...

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Saudi Aramco IPO sets new records but raises questions for businesses in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s national oil company Saudi Aramco recently completed its initial public offering (IPO) of 3bn shares, raising $25.6bn.Commenting on the news, Richard Thompson, Editorial Director at GlobalData, says: ‘Aramco’s IPO has several important objectives for the company and for Saudi Arabia. ...

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Oil and Gas Industry Fundamentals - Awareness - Middle East - April 2020

This 2-day training course provides delegates with an overview of principal activities inthe international upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum industry.

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Delivering Safety Culture Change using the Hearts and Minds Toolkit - Dubai - April 2020

This 3-day interactive training course and certificate will teach delegates the fundamentals of improving safety culture using the award-winning Hearts and Minds toolkit.  It will teach the fundamentals of safety culture change, focusing on the various stages of a culture change programme, from...

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Aviation Jet Fuel - Dubai - March 2020

This 2-day training course will provide delegates with an overview of aviation jet fuel, focusing on the jet engine, its underlying principles and fuel requirements as well as the critical characteristics of jet fuel, including additives, Industry best practice adopted in the supply, handling and us...

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L1: Certificate in Energy Management Essentials - Dubai - July 2020

About: This introductory 5 day classroom course provides a comprehensive, practical overview of the fundamentals of energy management, equipping participants with all the essential knowledge and skills they need to save energy, reduce operational costs and carbon emissions, comply with legislat...

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