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The Energy Institute offers a range of conferences, seminars, dinners, lunches and other events dealing with all sectors of the energy business and catering for the various interests of EI members and guests.

To keep you up to date with the topics of greatest concern, we run an annual programme of conferences. We are ideally placed to identify topical issues and provide a forum for debate led by experts from industry and government.

Please view the Events Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

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  1. Events in May 2017

  2. Conducting Incident Investigation & Analysis Using the Tripod Beta Methodology- May

    • 02 May - 04 May

    • London
    This 3-day training course will provide a theoretical overview of the Tripod Beta methodology and teach delegates how to apply this in practice, helping delegates uncover not just how an incident happened but also why it happened: the management controls that should have prevented it and the systemic organisational issues that can lead to future incidents.

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  3. Trading oil on international markets

    • 08 May - 12 May

    • Cambridge, UK
    Delegates become part of Invincible's trading team, taking decisions about the company's activities to maximise profits through an understanding of the economics of trading and the management of inherent price risks. They trade the live crude oil and refined product markets worldwide under the guidance of tutors, reacting to events as they happen using real time information from Reuters and Telerate screens and daily price information from Platts and Petroleum Argus.... AND MORE.

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  4. Human Factors Foundation - May

    • 15 May - 19 May

    • London
    This 5-day course delivers a comprehensive introduction into human factors for non-specialists. It provides a practical, engaging and interactive background to key topic areas, as well as how human and organisational factors can be applied within the workplace.

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  5. Oil and Gas Budgeting, Economics and Finance for Non-financial Managers

    • 16 May - 18 May

    • London, UK
    This course provides participants with insight and understanding of the budgeting process and the key planning and forecasting techniques that should be used to successfully build and manage reliable budgets. This enables fit-for-purpose budgets to be developed that robustly model complex, but real-world situations in a flexible and auditable manner.... and more.

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  6. Middle East HSE Forum

    • 16 May - 18 May

    • Dubai, UAE
    This international technical forum hosted by the Energy Institute in partnership with ENOC will deliver essential learning and sharing of international good practice to help improve the safety performance of organisations, foster a healthy and accident-free work culture, and ensure a sustainable environment. Bringing together research, academia, industry and regulators, the conference will discuss key HSE challenges and opportunities facing the energy sectors in the Middle East.
  7. edie live 2017

    • 23 May - 24 May

    • Birmingham
    At edie Live, we have the inspiration, information and introductions to navigate you towards a smarter and more sustainable business.
  8. Delivering Increased Real-World Fuel Efficiency for UK Shipping

    • 23 May

    • London
    The amount of CO2 emitted by UK shipping is rising as a proportion of the UK total. This lecture looks at the implications of this, and the introduction of technologies that can be economically deployed to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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  9. Oil and gas M&A: Acquiring and divesting assets and companies

    • 24 May - 26 May

    • London, UK
    This course develops the theme of optimising corporate and portfolio value focusing on the role of business development in ensuring long-term growth and improved returns through mergers and acquisitions.... AND MORE.

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  10. Events in June 2017

  11. Hazardous Area Classification - June

    • 06 Jun - 08 Jun

    • London
    This three-day training course will provide delegates with training on the Energy Institute Model Safe Code of Practice 15, Area Classification for Installations Handing Flammable Fluids (EI15). This internationally recognised publication provides methodologies for carrying out Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) studies on installations where flammable fluids are processed, stored or handled.

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  12. Delivering Safety Culture Change Using the Hearts and Minds Toolkit - June

    • 06 Jun - 08 Jun

    • London
    This 3-day interactive training course and certificate will teach delegates the fundamentals of improving safety culture using the award-winning Hearts and Minds toolkit. It will focus on the various stages of a culture change programme, from design to implementation and review.

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