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The Energy Institute offers a range of conferences, seminars, dinners, lunches and other events dealing with all sectors of the energy business and catering for the various interests of EI members and guests.

To keep you up to date with the topics of greatest concern, we run an annual programme of conferences. We are ideally placed to identify topical issues and provide a forum for debate led by experts from industry and government.

Please view the Events Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

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  1. Events in March 2017

  2. Energy Behaviour Change Workshop 2017

    • 30 Mar

    • London, UK
    A workshop on reducing energy and carbon through behaviour change.
  3. Energy for transport - a double industry transformation

    • 28 Mar

    • London
    The energy system for transport has been fairly simple to date, but new influences are driving change. These are likely to result in a more complex future, but several trends are already discernible. The vehicles industry is facing more change than it has for many decades, at a time when the energy industry is also undergoing transformation. This talk will explore this dynamic picture, drawing conclusions about the future of energy for transport.

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  4. North East Employment and Support Event

    • 29 Mar

    • Aberdeen
    On 29th March the Aberdeen, H&I branch of the EI will once again be exhibiting and providing impartial advice on Membership and Chartership at the Skills Development Scotland (SDS) event being held at the AECC.
  5. Energy Efficiency Conference 2017: Embedding behaviour change to unlock efficiency potential

    • 29 Mar

    • London, UK
    The EI's popular Energy Efficiency Conference returns in 2017 to continue the discussion on how to manage energy use more effectively.

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  6. Energy Institute Singapore - Networking and Presentation

    • 30 Mar

    • Singapore
    The Energy Institute Singapore Branch has great pleasure in inviting members and guests to its second informal networking event of the year.

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  7. Events in April 2017

  8. Oil and gas fiscal designs and systems

    • 04 Apr - 07 Apr

    • London, UK
    The 4-day course will also focus on the fiscal, contractual, economic, negotiation and operational issues associated with a comprehensive range of agreements encountered in the upstream oil and gas industry. Detailed explanations are provided of the key components (i.e. bonuses, royalty, cost oil, profit oil and various elements of taxation) of structurally different types of agreements and their implications for petroleum companies and governments.... AND MORE.

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  9. Project Planning and Performance Management in the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector

    • 10 Apr - 12 Apr

    • London, UK
    This course focuses on the practical skills and methods needed to improve project and operating performance across the oil and gas industry. The skills taught are industry specific and can be widely applied at upstream, downstream and corporate levels. Integrating knowledge of projects and operations along oil and gas supply chains provides valuable management insight..... and more.

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  10. Government's Industrial Strategy - can policy keep up with the energy market?

    • 18 Apr

    • London
    Creating an industrial strategy that responds to the challenges of climate change and the economic challenges of a post-Brexit Britain is no small endeavour. Integrating business, energy, and industrial strategy into a new department (BEIS) creates an opportunity for decarbonisation to become fully embedded into the UK's industrial and business policy.

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  11. The Renewable Heat Incentive

    • 19 Apr

    • London
    An overview of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), forthcoming changes to the scheme and what these will mean for Domestic and Non-Domestic scheme participants and the renewable heat industry in general.

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  12. Economics of the oil supply chain

    • 24 Apr - 28 Apr

    • Cambridge, UK
    Delegates will examine the various activities of the Invincible Energy Company to explore the economic forces which drive the oil supply chain. They will concentrate on the main areas of risk and opportunity from the crude oil supply terminal, through transportation, refining and trading to the refined product distribution terminal. During their time in Invincible's refinery, delegates will learn about the quality aspects of product supply.... AND MORE.

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