EI Enable – helping you to move forward

We’ve all had ups and downs - but there are times when life can be particularly challenging and you need a bit of information and advice. Perhaps life or work has thrown up something unexpected? Or you’re planning for the future and you would like to talk to someone with appropriate expertise. Or you want to make sure you have the facts to make a decision. Or maybe you just need someone to talk to because things have got a bit difficult. EI Enable’s professional team can help you take your next steps - so you can get on with life. It's free to EI members, completely confidential, and you can use it as often as you like.

Call us anytime on +44 (0)300 303 4331 or visit the EI Enable website.

What can help can I get from EI Enable?

EI Enable is a free confidential service for EI members. We are here 24 hours a day for information, help and advice on anything that is bothering you, or you  just need to get out of the way and off your plate - legal, financial or personal. We’ll make sure you have the right information and support to help you take practical next steps - enabling you to get it sorted, move on and get the most out of life.

You can either call us on +44 (0)300 303 4331 or visit our website - with webinars, hundreds of pages of information and live chat.

Go to the EI Enable website

What can we help with?

Almost anything. Our professional staff can help with more personal issues such as stress, anxiety and bereavement, and a range of practical issues too.

  • Stress and wellbeing: we can provide in the moment counselling – just call us on +44 (0)300 303 4331
  • Employment: Rights of employees, discrimination, transfer of business, maternity rights, pay, sick pay, health and safety at work, dismissal, redundancy
  • Finance: Budgeting, debt, financial planning, retirement
  • Education: School closures, problems at school, student grants and student loans
  • Health: COVID-19 (in line with Government and NHS Guidelines), patient rights, complaints, health costs, HIV/AIDS, abortion, infertility
  • Housing: rent/mortgage payment disputes, buying and selling a house, renting, tenancies, homelessness, neighbour disputes, mortgages, residential care, nursing homes.
  • Benefits: housing benefit, incapacity benefits, disability benefits, tax credit, maternity benefits – including whether you qualify and how to claim
  • Travel, Transport and Holidays: holiday problems, holiday complaints. driving licences, passports, MOTs, seat belts, moving overseas with a car
  • Family and Personal: ending a relationship, child support, domestic violence, wills and obtaining probate, getting married, childcare provision, eldercare, community care, bereavement, and changing a name
  • Communication Problems: phones and mobile phones, complaints about the media, queries about television licences, copyright etc.
  • Immigration and Nationality Citizenship: overstays, dual nationality, passport stamps, au pairs, Immigration control and working in the UK
  • Legal Enquiries/Solicitors: court procedures, police, solicitors bills, legal help scheme,court forms, jury service, count course judgements
  • National, International and Human Rights: voting procedure, moving overseas, messages from the Queen, access to personal records, discrimination acts, defamation of character, rape and sexual assault, personal Injuries.
  • Taxes: income tax, council tax, PAYE, fringe benefits, tax rebates and tax arrears
  • Consumer and Debt: Goods and services, consumer problems, insurance, credit, banks, problems with builders, problems with second hand cars

The service is run by Care First in partnership with Life and Progress and funded from member donations by the EI's Benevolent Fund.

+44 (0)300 303 4331

Get information and advice online

If you would prefer not to call or just do some research yourself, the EI Benevolent Fund also offers 24 hour support via a special the website, and thousands of information pages, including webinars and live chat. The pages are run by Care First in partnership with Life and Progress, and new content is added all the time, including on topical issues.

Go to the EI Enable website

Need a bit more support?

EI Enable is the service provided by the Energy Institute's Benevolent Fund to assist members with information, advice and support.

We are also sometimes able to provide small grants or other help for members (or their dependents) if they are experiencing demonstrable hardship, where this will help to improve their well-being and quality of life.

We may ask you to provide more information, for example details of your financial situation, so that we can establish whether and how we are able to help you, but you can use our simple form to tell us about your situation and make an initial enquiry.

Want to see if we can help you? Please download the form below and send it to: eibf@energyinst.org.

Download form

Unemployed as a result of COVID? Help with your EI membership

We are beginning to feel the impact of COVID 19 on jobs in the energy sector. To help with the current difficult environment, the EI Enable has made a special capped support fund available for members who have been seriously affected by the impact of COVID 19 - the aim is to help individuals through the pandemic by helping them retain their membership and professional registration and the benefits of EI support for 2021.

The fund comes from past and present members’ charitable donations and is limited, but we are keen to help as many people as possible. To make an application, you will need to show that you are:

  • a current member
  • are unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak

and confirm you are not in receipt of a new job offer.

To help us to make sure that the fund gets to members who can benefit most, we ask that you apply only if you will have genuine difficulty in paying your EI membership fees for 2021.

Download the form to apply

More about the Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent fund was set up by EI members to help energy professionals and their dependents in need. The Fund is administered by the Benevolent Fund Committee, and funded by donations from EI members, past and present.

We are always looking for new volunteers to help us with our work. Interested? Please get in touch with us at: eibf@energyinst.org.

The Benevolent fund in action

Over the years the fund has been able to help many past and present members and their dependants. Here are just a few:

Already in her eighties, Mrs C found herself lonely and isolated following the death of her husband, with a family scattered all around the world. The EI Benevolent fund were able to fund a laptop so that she could communicate with her loved ones – and arranged some training to help her use it!

Ms R was part way through an energy course and had not long given birth to their first child when her husband died suddenly. The EI Benevolent fund was able to help with some immediate costs to help her get back on her feet.

Mr. A suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy and had a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted. He already had a standard type of oxygen concentrator, but this was too heavy to be easily taken away from home, so the Fund paid for the purchase of a portable unit.

Mr. M was unemployed when he was over-whelmed by a heart condition. The Fund has helped with basic advice, together with the purchase of the replacement of essential domestic equipment and paid for a retraining course. He has since been able to return to work.

Mrs. A was widowed and obliged to work part-time to supplement her income at a time when most people are thinking of retirement. With the Fund’s help she was able to stay in her home and visit her daughter.

Give something back

EI Enable is supported by the EI Benevolent Fund. Set up by EI members to help energy professionals and their dependents when life gets tough, our work is funded by donations from EI members, past and present.

Every little bit helps. Want to give something back? You can make a donation below or over the phone by calling the EI membership team on 0207 467 7100.


We are always looking for new volunteers to help the Benevolent Fund Committee with our work. If you think you might be interested, please get in touch with us at: eibf@energyinst.org.

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