Level 1 EM Essentials Module: Energy auditing: Report writing

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This 5-hour self-paced online module from the Level 1: Certificate in Energy Management Essentials training qualification covers how to write an effective energy audit report.

It teaches effective report writing, the contents and style of report writing, as well as how reports are read and how this should affect how you write. It also provides an understanding of the approaches for presenting the report's findings, as well as how to make a business case to capitalise on prospective opportunities within your organisation.

This course can be started at any time and you will receive a certificate upon completion.





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5 hours



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5 hours





What will I learn?

  • Contents and writing style of an energy audit report
  • How reports are read and in what ways this should affect how you write
  • How to make an effective business case for prospective opportunities
  • Key points of best practice when developing and giving presentations
  • How to formulate an energy report from an audit of your home, workplace or other building

Who is this suitable for?

  • Anyone looking to develop their career in a variety of fields such as energy management, environmental/sustainability management, CSR, finance/procurement and estates/facilities management.
  • Professionals of all levels of experience as no prior knowledge of energy management is required.

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