Level 2: Energy Management Professional

Energy Management and Energy Efficiency
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This extensive 200-hour self-paced online training qualification offers a comprehensive overview of all the knowledge and skills required of a professional Energy Manager.

It has been designed to help learners save energy, reduce carbon emissions, meet their organisation’s environmental targets and save money. Covering more than 20 different topic areas, this qualification provides a comprehensive understanding of energy management covering key technical, managerial and commercial areas and allows you to solve a real-world issue within your organisation. 

Learners are required to complete 5 core modules and 10 optional modules out of a list of 18 different topics, choosing from a wide range of elective modules the learner can tailor their training experience to suit their specific needs and career aspirations.

On successful completion of this training qualification, you will achieve the Energy Institute Level 2 Energy Management Professional training qualification. Those who have 3 or more years’ energy management experience will be well-placed to move on to the Level 3 Advanced Energy Manager (AEM) training qualification.





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200 hours



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200 hours







Mandatory core modules:

Optional modules: Learners take at least two modules from list A and a further 8 modules from list A or B.

List A:

List B:


What will I learn?

  • Essential technical theory of energy use
  • In-depth understanding of the managerial and commercial aspects of an energy management role
  • How to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, meet your organisation’s environmental targets and save money
  • How to solve a real issue within your organisation as part of the project component

Who is this suitable for?

  • Anyone with 2+ years’ relevant experience either working as an Energy Manager or another related area such as Building Services, Energy Engineering, Sustainability, Facilities Management, Procurement or Energy Consultancy
  • Anyone who has successfully completed the EI’s Level 1: Certificate in Energy Management Essentials training course

How good is it?

Learners are able to choose from a wide range of elective modules, meaning they can tailor their training experience to suit their specific needs and career aspirations.

The self-paced online format offers flexibility, allowing the learner to work through the material at their own pace from the comfort of their home, whilst still benefitting from guidance and support from an expert trainer, personally assigned to them to support them throughout their learning journey.

The course was very beneficial, especially the Finance, procurement and risk assessment module.


Energy and Sustainability Manager

The physics and chemistry based modules (such as fuels combustion, heat transfer etc.) were helpful as they were things I did not look at since school/university. It is good some modules are compulsory where basic principles that relate to a wide range of areas are taught. I would recommend this course to others as I think it would be useful for people similar to me, who have come into energy management from a specifically technical background by training or experience.


Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Excellent course, would highly recommend, all 15 modules were beneficial. I did this after completing the EI's Level 1 'Certificate in Energy Management Essentials' training qualification.


Trainee Energy Manager

Very beneficial course, especially the 'Finance, procurement and risk assessment', 'Fuels and combustion' and 'Carbon management plans' modules. These have really helped me in my current role. I hope to complete Level 3 in the future and also planning on becoming an ESOS Lead Assessor. My tutor Richard Bujko was really helpful and knowledgeable, and I appreciated him always being available, or responding very quickly to any of my queries. He was a pleasure to work with. I found the course really helpful in order to progress in my current role and feel I have developed professionally.

Emma Callicott

Emma Callicott
Senior Energy Advisor, Purchase Direct

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