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This 2-day face-to-face course provides high quality training and information to aspiring Wind Turbine Safety Rules (WTSR) Approved Core trainers on the WTSR Core Course content to enable them to present the WTSR Core Course to others to the expected standard.

The WTSR are a model set of Safety Rules and procedures to help formalise a Safe System of Work (SSoW) to manage the significant risks associated with a wind turbine, both onshore and offshore. They have been developed by wind farm owners and operators for the purpose of achieving both general safety and safety from the system – a process that safeguards individuals from the mechanical plant and LV apparatus and the associated system-derived hazards.

This course ensures that WTSR Approved Core Trainers have a full understanding of the WTSR Core Course and can deliver it to others to the correct standard. It allows discussion and explanation on key WTSR issues by looking at:

  • What the WTSR are
  • Policy, philosophy, principals, and general provision
  • Supporting procedures
  • Behavioural safety and the WTSR
  • Responsibilities of persons
  • Applying WTSR in the workplace

The following are a list of steps to take to become a WTSR Approved Core Trainer:

  • Successfully complete the WTSR Core Course
  • Ensure your sponsoring company has an appropriate level of membership:
    • SafetyOn Tier 1 membership
    • G+ Full or Associate membership
    • Training Provider membership (this is for those companies who do not qualify for either of the above memberships)
  • Ensure your your sponsoring company signs the WTSR Training Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Complete the application form (you must meet the criteria on the application form and submit an up-to-date CV) and submit to - your application form will then be checked against the standard criteria and approved
  • Successfully complete this WTSR Train the Trainer Course

On successful completion of this 2-day face-to-face WTSR Train the Trainer Course, you will be issued an Approved WTSR Core Trainer Certificate along with required training materials. The certificate will be valid for three years upon which time you will be required to sit a WTSR Refresher Course to maintain your status as an Approved Trainer.

Please contact Emma McIvor for more information - dates are arranged directly with delegates who have followed the above process.





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What will I learn?

  • A full understanding of the WTSR Core Course content
  • How to present and deliver the WTSR Core Course to others to the correct standard
  • How to explain the legal status of the WTSR in compliance with legislation
  • How to identify the dangers of a WTG Electro-Mechanical System and when risk needs to be managed
  • How to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the rules and their application in the working environments to delegates
  • How to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the behaviours that influence safety performance to delegates
  • How to demonstrate technical knowledge of the wind turbines and how safety precautions are applied correctly to delegates
  • How to demonstrate robust support for the implementation of the WTSR in the Wind Industry
  • How to explain the interface between WTSR and wider safety management in achieving safety from the system

Who is this suitable for?

  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Health and Safety professionals

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