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Human Factors Incident and Accident Investigation and Analysis

Training Course
  • Available in-house

This 2-day training workshop will focus on the analysis of incidents and accidents and will clarify the process of identifying root causes using practical examples and provide an overview of available analysis methods. 

Key benefits:

• A better understanding of the contributors to incidents and accidents in the energy industry, a 
  major hazard sector
• Understanding of strategies that will help prevent further incidents
• Greater knowledge of the analysis methods available 
• Confidence in selecting an appropriate analysis method through examples, case studies and 
  method selection criteria.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course you will:

• Have a better appreciation of the deficiencies in current incident investigations and analysis
• Be familiar with the mechanisms of human behaviour and human failures
• Understand how to reach an understanding of the human and organisational root causes of incident and accidents
• Be able to use incident and accident information more productively to develop better strategies for prevention

Who should take this course?

Anyone who is involved in incident investigation or analysis either as the lead investigator or part of the supporting team. Anyone with an interest in the topic that has basic knowledge of health and safety issues.

Course overview:

Day 1   

• Introduction to incident and accident investigation and analysis
• Overview of problems with incident investigations
• Human factors, safety management and safety culture
• Frameworks for understanding human behaviours and human failure types
• Timeline and nodes in an investigation and analysis
• Factors affecting human performance

Day 2

• Practical examples of several specific analysis methods
• Selecting an appropriate analysis method
• Review


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