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Process Safety: It’s A Question of Leadership

Training Course
  • London and Home Counties
  • <p>Energy Institute,</p> <p>61 New Cavendish Street,</p> <p>London, W1G 7AR</p>
  • 20-09-2019
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Non-Member - 700.00
    Member - 600.00
    + VAT
  • Available in-house
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This 1-day workshop will help senior leaders and managers to understand their role in creating an environment where colleagues openly and consistently ask each other the challenging questions that underpin robust and sustainable operational performance in high hazard environments.

Process Safety: It’s A Question of Leadership

How do you sleep at night? This 1-day workshop has been specially commissioned to help senior leadersand those who support, advise and influence them answer this crucial question.

The session describes the four essential senior leadership behaviours that underpin robust and sustainable operational performance in high hazard environments. The session is not offering ‘yet another’ process safety framework, nor is it intended to replace anything that is already working in your business.

Rather it specifically focuses on the four foundational behaviours that your senior leadership team need to consistently model if your technical and behavioural intervention are to be successful.

In the end, whether you can sleep at night comes down to a question of leadership.

Delegates, who should be senior leaders and/or influencers and advisors to senior leaders responsible for high hazard operations, will benefit from this specialised, behaviour-based workshop.

A Question of Leadership?

Why do bad things happen to good companies? Why are we constantly surprised to hear that organisations which we regarded as having good safety performance have experienced a catastrophic incident, accident or event?

Like you these companies had certified health, safety and environmental management systems. Like you, these companies monitored data and reported againsta suite of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). And likeyou, these companies invested heavily in behaviour-based safety programmes. So, what went wrong?

It’s a Question of Leadership.

For well over a decade, investigation and inquiry panels have consistently identified leadership failings as the root cause of major (and near major) incidents.

Specifically, they point towards the failure of leaders to understand what is really happening in their workplace.

Safety, they say, ultimately comes down to a leader’s ability to ask the right questions.

Putting in systems, setting targets and commissioning audits are relatively straight forward transactions that can be executed remotely. But asking (and receiving) probing, thought provoking and challenging questions, needs to be done up close and personal from the board room down to the operational front line.

And there’s the challenge, as an adviser or leader how can you ensure that, in amongst the myriad demandson your time, you are consistently and effectively asking and being asked the right questions, and that these questions are enabling and encouraging others to do the same? And how do you equip, enable and encourage your influential senior leaders to do the same?

Evidence, anecdote and experience tells us that this is where leaders struggle…leaving them exposed to bad things happening to their otherwise apparently good company.

Workshop Outline

This one-day workshop will help delegates to understand their role in creating an environment where colleagues openly and consistently ask each other the challenging questions that underpin sustainably good operational performance in high hazard environments.

Delegates will be introduced to the four foundational behaviours – the Four Chords - that underpin robustand sustainable process safety performance:

  • Wilful compliance
  • Organisational mindfulness
  • Empowered Leadership
  • Colleague Engagement

These together form the basis of robust and sustainable safety performance in high hazard businesses.

To ensure high interactivity, peer-learning and open and honest dialogue places at each workshop are limited.

Who should attend?

Senior Managers, Senior advisors / influencers who have a responsibility for delivering Process Safety Management.

The EI reserves the right to refuse bookings for delegates who do not meet this essential requirement. 


Tutor profile:

The workshop will be hosted by two former HSE directors of multi-national, high hazard businesses who understand the challenges of and have experience of leading for safety from the boardroom down to the operational front-line

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