Updates to DNVGL-RP-G103: Recommended Practice for Non-Intrusive Inspection

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  • 8-10-2019
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Safe operation of pressure vessels relies on inspections to assess their condition, including that of the interior. Internal visual inspection (IVI) is widely accepted and understood by Operators and Regulators but often the vessel can only be accessed while off-line. This leads to additional work during planned shutdowns and additional hazards associated with vessel entry.

Non-intrusive inspection (NII) can be used to replace or defer internal visual inspection of pressure vessels.

Benefits of NII include: • No entry requirements to vessel, resulting in improved safety and reduced vessel preparation costs • Permanent digital records of inspection findings with ability to use data for life assessment calculations. • The vessel can continue to operate resulting in increased asset availability. • Vessels unsuitable for NII or those which raised concerns during the NII can be prioritised in shutdown • Shutdown requirements can be reduced

The Recommended Practice for NII (DNVGL-RP-G103), originally published in 2011, has recently been updated following feedback from industry. This talk will cover the key updates in the Recommended Practice, guidance to achieve effective NII, and will give case studies of projects.


Key speaker: Dr Susan Osbeck

Susan is a principal consultant within Sonomatic’s Engineering team providing integrity-related services to clients. She has degrees in Physics and a PhD in Engineering.

She has extensive experience in NII projects having worked on or overseen over 500 NIIs including large scale projects that reviewed entire asset registers.

Additionally, she co-authored updates to the Recommended Practice (DNVGL-RP-G103) and the newly developed HOIS/OGTC Guidance Document for NII (to be published).

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