EI LIVE free webinar | Hydrogen – where are we now, where is the focus?

Branch event
  • Singapore
  • 27-04-2021
Registration for this webinar has now closed. If you would still like to attend, please email: singapore@energyinst.org 

11.00 (UK Time); 18.00 (Singapore Time)


Over recent months we have all listened to a number of webinars from around the world majoring on the increasingly rapid pace of development of the Hydrogen economy.

The Hydrogen Council report that there are now over 30 countries with hydrogen roadmaps and 228 large-scale hydrogen projects announced across the value chain, with 85% located in Europe, Asia, and Australia. If all projects come to fruition, total investments will reach more than $300 billion in spending through 2030.

We are pleased to invite you to this EI Asia Pacific Webinar that aims to take a snapshot of where we actually are today from both a European and Asian regional perspective with a view to discussing issues that are coming to the fore, both in terms of enablers and barriers.

Event description:

1. Marc Allen, Technical Director, Engeco

  • An overview of the Australian hydrogen road map, the Japan hydrogen road map and where China is positioning itself
  • Where are we now, what is actually happening and what challenges are some of the large-scale projects facing. 

2.     Europe Martin Lambert, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

  • An overview of the various European hydrogen road maps with particular focus on the UK
  • A look at the different approaches to hydrogen being taken by different European countries: (blue vs. green, technology leadership, imports vs. exports)

3.     Applications Stephen Harrison, Principal, NexantECA

  • Hydrogen’s as one of many solutions to decarbonise transportation, domestic energy applications, electricity grid management and heavy industry: A look at it’s potential to displace coal, oil and gas.
  • Early-stage deployment of hydrogen at scale: no-regrets use cases and early adopters

4.    Q&A and panel discussion  Moderator: Peter Godfrey – Managing Director APAC - Energy Institute 

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