EI LIVE free webinar | Why The Net Zero Carbon World Is Not Enough

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  • Singapore
  • 29-06-2021
  • 19:00 - 20:30
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19.00-20.30 (Singapore Time) 
12.00-13.30 (UK Time)

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We are pleased to present another aspect of the Energy Transition series of events and webinars - some would say the driver for the transition.

Sir David Attenborough has said:
"We have left the stable and secure climatic period that gave birth to our civilisations. There is no going back - no matter what we do now, it's too late to avoid climate change and the poorest, the most vulnerable, those with the least security, are now certain to suffer."

In this Webinar, we take a snapshot view of what the Climate Science Data is actually telling us today and project what the future may hold in store for us. It is a complex science to fully understand, resulting in many misconceptions and conflicting information.

As part of our lead up to COP26, we are pleased to invite a highly respected Climate Scientist to present the science as it is.

More information about the webinar series can be found in the event flyer here.


Professor Jeff Obbard - Head of Climate Science Research Programme Office at the Centre for Climate Research Singapore

This event is free to attend but registration is required.

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