EI LIVE free webinar | ‘The Psychology of Risk Perception’ Loss Prevention Seminar

Branch event
Time: 15:00 UAE / 12:00 UK

One of the key building blocks of any Process Safety Management system is “Risk Assessment and Identification”. A common stumbling block in the risk assessment process is estimating the probability or likelihood of a certain eventuality. This loss prevention seminar will discuss how misjudgments in probability estimates contributed to major incidents such as the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and the COVID-19 pandemic and will review some of the “Deadly Sins of Risk Perception” with the aim of helping us avoid repeating the same mistakes in future.

Following the loss prevention seminar presentation, a panel discussion will take place between process safety experts from the Energy Institute, Marsh, and the oil and gas industry, and will also include a Q&A session for the webinar attendees.


  • Jack Wishart MA MEng CEng MIChemE MEI, Risk Engineer, Marsh Specialty
  • Dr Umar Abassi, Professional Process Safety Engineer MIChemE, Manager of the Insurance Risk Management Department, ADNOC
  • Dr Stephen Bater CEnv CEng FEI, Author of Energy Institute's PSM Framework (second edition)
  • Lee Allford, Project Manager, Process Safety and Decommissioning, Energy Institute

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