Human Performance for the Energy Sector – Certificated eLearning



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This Certificated eLearning Human Performance for the Energy Sector training course is an introductory level to the full eLearning course. 

A 1-2 hour eLearning course that can be taken in your own time at your own speed. 

What's included:
  • 8 Modules

Who should take this course:

  • Anyone can take this course
  • Should be taken by most people in the organisation

This eLearning course is with certification. 

The Pathway unfolds over 3 levels, each one delving deeper into the topics and giving you a more thorough understanding. After you’ve completed each level, a set of multiple-choice questions will allow you to consolidate your knowledge, therefore you will need to understand the information at each level before moving on to the next.

  • Human Performance for the Energy Sector - Level 1 introduces the individual topics, giving you a high-level overview of each. For example, in the task analysis topic, you’ll learn what a critical task is and how to identify where mistakes could be made. Activities include walk-throughs, observations and discussions.
  • Human Performance for the Energy Sector - Level 2 is where you start to specialise in five selected topics relevant to the needs of the business and your role within it. For example, in the Workload, Stress and Fatigue topic, you’ll learn about approaches to managing stress and performance under pressure. You’ll carry out reviews, participate in studies, and apply methods and tools. 
  • Full Human Performance Learning Pathway for the Energy Sector - This is a unique professional development learning pathway, the first of its kind, developed specifically to address a business need for human factors skills. It includes the eLearn, Level 1 and Level 2. In addition, you'll become more of a specialist in two areas by moving to Level 3. The Pathway is supported by the requirement for a mentor who will help you boost your professional development and get the most from the activities you'll need to carry out as you move through the Pathway.

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Training Team:, 02074677178