Level 2 - Human Performance for the Energy Sector



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The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) in association with the Energy Institute have developed a suite of human performance capability building training modules specifically for the energy sector (including, oil and gas, downstream chemicals and refining, storage and handling, renewables and power generation). The Level 2 training focuses on the knowledge and understanding of the techniques and concepts in HP and will allow you to apply appropriate HP techniques and methods in practice. You may need some assistance but would be recognised as the first point of call for HP issues in the area.
Level 2 also has an optional modular format where you can choose to develop competence in one or two specific areas of human performance in the energy sector that would give you the ability to apply appropriate HP techniques and methods in practice.

The Learning Pathway:

This is a unique professional development learning pathway, the first of its kind, developed specifically to address a business need for human factors skills. It includes the eLearn, Level 1 and Level 2. In addition, you'll become more of a specialist in two areas by moving to the Full Pathway. The Pathway is supported by the requirement for a mentor who will help you boost your professional development and get the most from the activities you'll need to carry out as you move through the Pathway.

Why you should take this Pathway:

The Pathway unfolds over 3 levels, each one delving deeper into the topics and giving you a more thorough understanding. After you’ve completed each level, a set of multiple-choice questions will allow you to consolidate your knowledge, therefore you will need to understand the information at each level before moving on to the next.

Modules included in Level 2:

This module consist of 9 modules:

How long does Level 2 take to complete?

Whilst the Pathway is self-paced, Level 2 is designed to be completed in around 100 hours. You will have access to the Energy Institutes learning center for 18 months to complete the course.  

Who is this Pathway aimed at?

Anyone who needs to apply human factors in their organisation. You could be a Safety Engineer, a Process Safety Engineer, an engineer working in project or you could be an Operations Specialist. Whatever your job, you’re unlikely to have a role centred only on human factors, therefore the Pathway has been designed to be flexible enough to accommodate your normal working duties and the time you have available.

The Pathway could be included in your plan of work with the understanding that the practical activities set out in the Pathway are likely to take place as part of your on-the-job professional development.

How will it benefit me?

On completion of the Pathway, you’ll be eligible to apply for membership of the CIEHF as a Technical Specialist, ensuring that your hard work and accomplishments are formally acknowledged. This means that you’ll be recognised as having the competence and capability to coach colleagues, to inform senior level discussions, and to apply, integrate, and deliver programmes of work in human factors using the tools and techniques you’ll learn about on this Pathway.

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Training Team: webtraining@energyinst.org, 02074677178

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