EI ESOS Lead Assessor certification



Non-Member: £65.00 (excl. VAT)
Member: £65.00 (excl. VAT)

The Energy Institute offers two routes to becoming an ESOS Lead Assessor, via the Register of Professional Energy Consultants (RPEC), or as an additional option when you apply to become a Chartered Energy Manager. Successful completion of the EI's online training course is the final stage of the approval process - you must complete the training before you can begin to act as an ESOS Lead Assessor. 

Course overview:

1. Suggested actions for Lead Assessors

2. What is ESOS?
   - Timetable
   - How does an organisation qualify?
   - Methods of conducting an ESOS assessment
   - Routes to compliance
   - Reporting and compliance

3. The role of the Lead Assessors
   - Purpose
   - Commitment
   - Responsibilities
   - CPD

4. The Energy Institute
   - The EI’s role and commitment to the scheme

5. Summing up
   - Beyond compliance
   - Compliance levels for Phase 1
   - Typical issues affecting compliance period 1

Before you undertake this course, you should read current government guidance on ESOS. Please links on our ESOS page.
This CPD can count towards your CPD requirement for your first year as ESOS Lead Assessor.

Please note that this training is designed primarily as the final stage for those who have already successfully completed the main application process to be admitted onto the RPEC register or onto the register of Chartered Energy Managers approved to act as lead assessor for ESOS. It does not qualify you as an ESOS Lead Assessor on its own – you must demonstrate your competence and experience through applying to become an approved ESOS Lead Assessor through one of our application routes. However, anyone wishing to complete the course for informational purposes only is also welcome to enrol - please contact us at the address below.

Contact details

Training Team: webtraining@energyinst.org, 02074677178