Conducting Incident Investigations & Analyses using the Tripod Beta methodology

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A 3-day training course providing both a theoretical and practical overview of the Tripod Beta methodology, enabling delegates to support and conduct incident investigations and analyses.

Ken Maddox C.Eng MIET, DPGS (Uni B.ham)

Ken has over 30 years’ experience in upstream oil and gas: construction, operation, and maintenance.

He joined Shell International Exploration and Production in 1971 and worked for 28 years in many locations around the world. Following the Piper Alpha incident he led Shell’s two year, £10M, major overhaul of their permit to work system. He first made use of the Tripod Beta principles during this period.Since starting his own consultancy in 1999 he has worked with some of the leading oil and gas exploration and productions companies in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, and Russia delivering more than 100 Tripod Beta courses in more than 25 locations around the world. He also has current hands-on incident investigation experience.

Ken is a Chartered Engineer, a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and holds a postgraduate diploma from the University of Birmingham (UK).

About Tripod Beta:

Tripod is a theory for understanding incidents and accidents, based on the Swiss Cheese model. It was developed to explain how and why incidents happen and allow the root organisational causes and deficiencies to be uncovered and addressed. This 3-day training course will provide a theoretical overview of the Tripod Beta methodology and teach delegates how to apply this in practice, helping delegates uncover not just how an incident happened but also why it happened: the management controls that should have prevented it and the systemic organisational issues that can lead to future incidents.

Why the Tripod Beta training course?

Who should take this course? 

Tripod Beta provides a structured way of thinking about why accidents happen and would be useful to anyone involved in managing risk and preventing unwanted events, such as:




HSE Advisors

Maintenance Engineers

Quality Assurance Engineers

Learning outcomes:

Upon completing this training course, delegates should be able to:

Course overview:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


The EI Tripod Beta training course will be assessed by a 45 minute multiple-choice examination. Those who pass this knowledge assessment will be awarded Bronze Practitioner certification by the Stichting Tripod Foundation.


On successful completion of the Tripod Beta exam, delegates will achieve a Bronze Practitioner certificate, demonstrating their understanding of the Tripod Beta methodology. Bronze Practitioners will exhibit an excellent theoretical understanding and can begin assisting with low-level investigations.

Upon attaining Bronze Practitioner status, delegates will be invited to continue towards becoming an accredited Gold Tripod Practitioner and conduct more high-level and complex incident investigation and analyses.  

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