Energy and Politics: Can We Work Together?

Branch event


18:00 - 20:30 UK Time

Town and Country Hall at the Aberdeen Town House, AB10 1LP


Booking for this event has now closed. In May, the EI YPN are organising an event unlike any other. This GROW event will be a structured moderated forum acting as a platform for young professionals to be heard.

With the UK general election taking place this year, exploring the intersection of politics and energy is crucial. You will hear insights from local council members and energy policy makers at this event. Following these discussions, participants will engage in smaller group sessions to brainstorm ideas that will shape energy policy within Aberdeen on topics such as decarbonisation, public consultations, renewable energy incentives, and windfall tax.

These ideas will then be turned into actionable plans to be implemented around Aberdeen. 

The event will conclude with a discussion of the outcomes, including a Q&A session. Do not miss this chance to be part of inspiring change in Aberdeen. Sign up today!

This event will be a structured forum to facilitate collaboration among young professionals. There will be a survey conducted which will be used as a guide throughout the event and will demonstrate the audience’s understanding of the chosen topics on:

1. Decarbonisation
2. Public consultations
3. Renewable energy incentives, and
4. Windfall tax

Contact details

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