Expert Speaker: Going beyond energy efficiency

Branch event


18:00 - 19:00 UK Time



Booking for this event has now closed. This presentation will focus on the desperate need to go further than just increasing energy efficiency in housing and how there needs to be a greater focus on the materials, methods and technology that goes into them instead (combined to be modern approaches). 

This expert presentation considers the concepts of sustainability and energy efficiency, discussing their similarities and distinct differences. Modern approaches that are being successfully implemented in other parts of the world, will also be discussed, analysing why the UK isn’t using them and what we need to to do to start doing so or otherwise risk being left behind.

Key Speaker:

Jordan Turner is a PhD student at the University of Wolverhampton and works as a surveyor for Frasers Group and as an associate lecturer for UCEM.

With 8 years experience in property, recently Jordan has focused his attention to the ever growing topic of sustainability. In particular, his PhD focuses around sustainability in residential housing through the use of modern sustainable approaches and how the UK needs to embrace this methods or be in danger of being left behind. 

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