UK MoD Aviation Fuels Committee Meeting

  • London and Home Counties
  • <p>The Montcalm London Marble Arch<br />2 Wallenberg Place<br />Marylebone<br />London<br />W1H 7TN</p>
  • 17-03-2020
  • 09:00 - 17:00
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Receive essential guidance and updates on aviation fuel specifications, including those for aviation turbine fuel, Def Stan 91-091 and aviation gasoline, Def Stan 91-090.

17 - 18 March 2020

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This two-day meeting is designed to enable you to stay up-to-date with the latest specifications and standards, and therefore increase the efficiency and competence of your aviation fuels business

The event, hosted by the Energy Institute on behalf of the Defence Strategic Fuels Authority, provides delegates with the most comprehensive overview of the latest aviation fuel specifications and standards available anywhere in the world in 2020.

This is an essential meeting for all aviation fuel stakeholders, including all airframe and engine OEMs, refiners, distribution companies and suppliers.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Alisdair Clark, Aviation Fuels Research and Development, BP
  • Margaret Adamson, Senior Materials Engineer, Pratt & Whitney
  • Antonis Christodoulakis, Technical Director, JIG
  • Christopher Lewis CEng FEI Chartered Energy Engineer, Aviation Fuels Consultant, CLFC
  • Dr. Steven Zabarnick, Division Head, Energy & Environmental Engineering, University of Dayton Research Institute
  • Dan Wispinski, Standard Methods Development Manager, VUV Analytics
  • Paul Pilkington, Gauging Systems Specialist, Airbus
  • Jamie Miller, Director, Defence Strategic Fuels Authority, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Tina Gleaves, C1 - Aviation Technical Manager, Defence Strategic Fuels Authority, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Tom White, Standardization Manager, UK Ministry of Defence
  • George Wilson III, Principal Scientist, Southwest Research Institute
  • Gurhan Andac, Engineering Leader, Aviation Fuels & Additives, GE Aviation
  • Jeff Trewella, New Venture Consultant, BrightMark Energy
  • Mark Rumizen, Aerospace Engineer, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Bastien Rauch, Scientist, Project Manager, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • Miloud Ouadi, Researcher, Birmingham University
  • Simon Blakey, Research Fellow, The University of Sheffield
  • Michelle Carter, Aerospace and Aviation Manager, Knowledge Transfer Network
  • Robert Boyd, Manager, Environment – Alternative Fuels, International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Jim Kinder, Senior Engineer, Boeing
  • Rob Midgley, Global Technical and Quality Manager, Shell Aviation
  • Patrick Bosman, Product Quality Officer, NSPA/CEPS Programme Office
  • Ashton Peat, Chemical Investigation Section 1, Defence Strategic Fuels Authority, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Gurhan Andac, Engineering Leader, Aviation Fuels & Additives, GE Aviation
  • Dirk Funhoff, BASF
  • Kevin Bower MEI, Deputy Global Product Quality Manager, Air BP
  • Ian Mylrea, Manager, Research & Development, Stanhope Seta
  • Niklas Christensson, CEO, Eralytics

Topics explored include:

Aviation Fuel Specifications and Standards
  • Def Stan 91-091 Issue 12 proposals
  • AVGAS – including lead replacement additive and reduction of TEL
  • DStan Review Process
  • ASTM Updates – including FIA dye
  • Inclusion of cetane in spec and why it is an interesting parameter 
Test Methods
  • IP test method update
  • JFTOT reference Fluid
  • Permitvity test method
  • VUV aromatics
  • Dielectric test method
  • Kathon Biocide
  • Kerojet 8118 
Operational and Field Issues
  • Recent SAP events
  • Journey away from filter monitors, including filtration field trials
  • FAME update
  • ICAO & IATA global update
  • Membrane Filters – Investigation using digital microscopy
  • CEPS entry criteria
  • FSII issues in out of area operations
  • Fracking Issues 
Alternative Sources and New Fuels
  • HEFA with aromatics
  • UK Clearing House
  • EASA Clearing House – updates on metrics and benefits
  • Jet Screen
  • Flex Jet
  • New Jet – Is what we have now the best solution?
  • FAA update on sustainable fuel
  • Plastics to Jet Fuel 

Who will you meet?

This event sells out every year, providing delegates with excellent networking opportunities. Attend to meet with senior officials from high-profile organisations, including Boeing, Airbus, United Airlines, Intertek, BP, Shell, Virgin Atlantic, Rolls-Royce plc, Chevron, BAE Systems, Total, Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd, ExxonMobil, and the U.S. Navy.


The conference will be taking place at the Montcalm London, Marble Arch. To view hotel deals nearby and book your stay, please visit:

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