EI LIVE free webinar | Green Procurement and Closing the Loop

Branch event
  • Singapore
  • 29-06-2020
  • 16:00 - 17:00

SEAS: Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore

WEBINAR - Expert Series: Green Procurement and Closing the Loop

16:00 - 17:00 Singapore time

As both public and private organizations become increasingly aware of the need to reduce the impact of products, goods, as well as services to the environment, government procurement carries the potential of stimulating the market for the production of ecologically friendlier products by setting an example as responsible consumer This new procurement framework requires a clear definition of such externalities and the sustainability criteria they are based on in public tenders; to establish the specifications and requirements for products or services to be considered sustainably advantageous; and to develop programs for suppliers of sustainable products and services. It also requires an investment in building up transparency by defining clear measures and appointing third-party verifiers as well as establishing effective capacity-building and certification programs for all appropriate agencies. This requires appropriate investments to be made available both from the public and private sectors. The webinar will examine where the development of these activities are from a multi stakeholder perspective and potential “next-steps” in terms of development of Green / Sustainable Procurement as part of national policy and future business strategy.

Peter Godfrey, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Energy Institute
Gary Zhao, Business Development Director, BRE China
Manuel Ungerer, Head of Site Development, Novartis

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