EMG Seminar day



61 New Cavendish Street, London, W1G 7AR


Environmental Management Group (EMG) Seminar day

We are excited to announce that the Energy Institute will be hosting an engaging seminar focused on environment and sustainability on the 22nd of November. This event aims to showcase the existing work and future plans of our Environmental Management Group (EMG).

The EMG is dedicated to reducing and preventing environmental impacts arising from our operations while promoting sustainable practices. Recent EMG initiatives have delved into areas such as supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy, circularity, and methane quantification.

This complimentary seminar is designed to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among industry regulators, operating companies, and government representatives. We have an array of informative presentations lined up and ample networking opportunities for all attendees.

For an in-depth overview of the EMG's work program and the agenda for the day, please click on the attached links below.

 Environmental Management Group PDF.pdf

 EMG Seminar Agenda pdf.pdf

1Chair Opening remarks10:00-10:15
Session 1: Circular economy and resource recovery
2Embedding circularity into construction and decommissioning of assets10:15-10:35
3Waste to products - technology and economic assessment 10:35-11:00
Morning break
Session 2: GhG emissions and environmental performance in offshore wind (OWEF)
5Introduction to Offshore Wind Environmental Forum11:50-12:00
6Case study: Designing offshore wind for environmental performance and circularity12:00-12:40
Networking Lunch13:00-14:00
Session 3: Preventing soil and groundwater contamination
8Introduction to Soil, Waste and Groundwater group (SWaG)14:00-14:10
9Case study: Promoting better environmental management of service stations 14:10-14:45
Afternoon Break15:05-15:30
Session 4: Mitigating environmental risk in upstream oil and gas operations 
11Introduction to Upstream Environment Group (USEG) and Methane work sub-group (MWG)15:30-15:40
12Case Study: Methane measurement methodologies 15:40-16:20
14Chair Closing remarks 16:35-16:45
Drinks and canapé reception16:45-18:00