EI LIVE | POWERful Women Annual Conference

  • Online
  • 1-10-2020
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Leading and learning on diversity and inclusion: equipping the sector for the energy transition

Invite only online event

POWERful Women are delighted to have so many members of the Energy Leaders’ Coalition that we started two years ago joining us at this important online event, including Sinead Lynch, UK Country Chair, Shell and Alistair Philips-Davies, CEO, SSE.


The audience will comprise C-suite energy professionals, inclusion and diversity leads, and senior managers from the top UK energy companies, who collectively employ approximately over 80% of the UK workforce in energy. Focussing this year's conference on an audience of the top UK energy companies will enable much more practical support aimed at those responsible for shaping and leading their organisations in the sector.


The morning will comprise of a few plenary sessions, including a session with our Energy Leaders’ Coalition. In the afternoon we will hold a number of workshops to enable interaction, learning and sharing within smaller groups.


To meet the 21st century challenges of decarbonisation, digitalisation, security, and affordability, a great deal of innovation and resilience is going to be needed in the energy sector. Diversity of thought brings a range of perspectives that promotes innovation and enables companies to navigate challenges. Companies will also need to cultivate inclusive cultures, in order to become more successful and sustainable. Characteristics of high performing companies include innovative leadership styles and strategies, including those that achieve better gender balance. This has become even more vital as businesses face the impact and uncertainty of a post-Covid-19 world. We will also be showcasing the energy sector’s leaders with inspiring stories and challenging discussions.




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