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A training course on Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA). Delegates will be able to facilitate SCTA sessions of their own and know what to look for in a good quality SCTA project work, e.g. if they are doing the course to acquire the knowledge to be an intelligent customer.

Human Reliability Associates (HRA) has over 40 years of experience and has achieved an international reputation in human factors risk management. Our clients have included major organisations in the United Kingdom, European Union, USA, South America Australia and the Far East. HRA are respected internationally for our training and research activities in human reliability and human factors disciplines.

Dr David Embrey originally developed the Safety Critical Task Analysis (SCTA) toolset in the late eighties, and he continues to innovate, present, and teach the methodology today. He taught Human Factors on The University of Sheffield’s Process Safety & Loss Prevention course for over three decades. He also wrote the textbook ‘Guidelines for Reducing Human Error in Process Safety’, for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Center for Chemical Process Safety. He is a leader in the field of human reliability methodology.

Dr Dominic Furniss has worked in Human Factors since finishing his PhD in 2008. He’s been teaching and conducting SCTA projects for over 5 years. He has published and presented on the SCTA methodology. He has edited and co-authored three books related to gaining a qualitative understanding of human performance issues in practice. He has received public engagement and teaching awards from his time at University College London.

Lydea Soh (left) holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Human Factors and Ergonomics from Loughborough University. Since joining HRA, she has developed her skills and knowledge in carrying out SCTAs in the process industries and supports our SCTA training.

Why the EI's Human Factors Safety Critical Task Analysis training course?

Human Factors is recognized as a key topic for addressing safety in the oil, gas, onshore chemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing and power generation sectors.

This course covers all the topics necessary to produce the human factors analyses to satisfy COMAH safety report submissions, together with guidance on producing the associated procedures and competency management documentation based on these analyses.

This is arguably the most important Human Factors topic area to get right for upper and lower tier COMAH sites. There is a lot of attention on this topic from the regulator but it is also foundational to the other topic areas and directly links with procedures and competency management. Besides reducing the risk of failure due to human error around COMAH critical tasks, the methods and techniques taught on this course can also lead to quality and production enhancements, as tasks are thoroughly reviewed and improved.

Whether you're starting your journey into SCTA, you are more experienced and want to brush up on best practice tools and techniques, or whether you just want to know what a good quality SCTA involves so you can be an intelligent customer when procuring these services from others, this course will suit you.

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One Course: Three Schedules

Delegates have a choice of three schedules: Intensive, Extended, Self-directed. This is designed to give participants maximum choice and flexibility to suit different schedules and learning styles. The scheduled courses have live group webinars, whereas the self-directed course has recorded webinars and more 1-to-1 feedback.

If you are looking for a bespoke in-house course for your company, please get in touch via the contact details below.

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"This course is an interactive start into Human Factors. If you are interested then, this is the course for you"

"SCTA course is simply excellent and should be taken by all those who want to really comprehend the steps and best practices involved in analyzing safety-critical tasks. Besides theory, there is a lot of hands-on exercise and the lecturers provide feedback about every task you do. The discussions and interactions during the Webinars also enhance the learning process. I highly recommend this course!"

"Excellent coverage of the subject of safety critical task analysis fundamentals and overview of the use of the SHERPA software."

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