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Join this free 1-hour webinar to learn more about what stands in the way of learning from other industries, and explore how to address this. 

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Learning from incidents is a process that helps employees and organisations to better understand the causes of adverse events in order to prevent them from happening again. The way that organisations learn from their own past incidents, and external sources, is often hindered by the lack of information on similar incidents within the industry, available data focused on technical aspects of the incidents, little to no information on root causes, and often, biases that stay in the way of cross-industry learning.

As part of the Energy Institute’s Toolbox project, we are bringing you a series of free to attend monthly webinars that will run throughout 2022, exploring various topics to help organisations better learn from past incidents. In the first event of the series, scheduled to take place in January 2022, our speakers will share their experience, knowledge, and findings on the key aspects of why people and organisations don’t often learn from outside their industry.


Who should attend?
This webinar is intended for a broad audience e.g. HSE managers, HSE specialists, site managers, team leaders, frontline workers, training professionals, LFI coordinators, incident investigators, consultants, and researchers.

This webinar is free to attend but registration is required. 
You will be asked to create an Energy Institute (EI) account during the booking process. Please verify your new EI account by clicking on the link received via email. You can now proceed with booking onto the webinar. If you do not receive the verification email, please contact aheisu@energyinst.org to validate your account.



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Speaker: Lorraine Braben | Human Factors Consultant, LBC Ltd
Lorraine offers consultancy services in the field of Human Factors, auditing and assessment, project management and delivery, and training and mentoring.

Speaker: Matthew Lawrie | Chartered Psychologist, CRA Ltd
Matthew is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society and works with multinational organisations with high-hazard activities to improve their organisational safety culture and leadership. 

Speaker | Moderator:  Stuart King | Energy Institute
Stuart is an expert in Human Factors and Power Systems, with 12 years of experience working with, and being a member of, the EI Human and Organisational Factors Committee (HOFCOM), Power Systems Committee (PSC) - including the Energy Storage Working Group and Solar Projects Working Group, and Learning from Incidents Steering Committee

Q&A panellist: Victoria Murphy | Learning from incidents consultant and researcher, The Open University
Victoria is a postdoctoral fellow at the Open University's Faculty of Business and Law. Her research combines perspectives from education and organisational studies to examine how high-risk industries learn from incidents.

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