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Join this free 1-hour webinar to learn more about just culture in organisations and how to address non-compliance with rules and procedures by making compliance easier for the workforce. 

Join this free 1- hour webinar to learn about just cultures in organisations and how to address non-compliance with rules and procedures by making compliance easier for the workforce.

Just culture is about the organisation recognising the role it plays in creating workplaces and systems that make it easy for employees to comply with procedures and rules, and responding in a just and fair way when non-compliances occur. Organisations should regularly monitor their policies and procedures to account for human error, but also to fairly hold individuals accountable for their own actions if they intentionally violate those policies and procedures. Achieving both is enormously challenging, requiring an open reporting culture and high levels of trust. 

Join us on Tuesday 12th July 2022, 13:00-14:00 BST, when our industry speakers will discuss their own ‘just culture’ journeys, and approaches to improving human performance through making rules and procedures easier to comply with. 

This webinar is free to attend but registration is required. 
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Who should attend? 
This webinar is intended for a broad audience e.g. HSE managers, HSE specialists, site managers, team leaders, frontline workers, training professionals, LFI coordinators, incident investigators, consultants, researchers, and anyone interested in learning from incidents.

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Speaker: Ana Aneiros | Repsol 
Ana is a senior safety culture consultant who, after sixteen years working in HR, has spent the last five working alongside a team bringing together systems and people in the Management System and Safety Culture department of Repsol. As a result of the Safety Culture diagnoses carried out by her team, Ana is deploying a just culture project within the organisation.

Speaker: Matthew Lawrie | CRA Ltd
Matthew is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society and works with multinational organisations with high-hazard activities to improve their organisational safety culture and leadership. 

Moderator: Stuart King | Energy Institute
Stuart leads the EI's work on Human Factors and Power Systems, with 12 years of experience working with the EI Human and Organisational Factors Committee (HOFCOM), Power Systems Committee (PSC) - including the Energy Storage Working Group and Solar Projects Working Group and Learning from Incidents Steering Committee.

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