Technical webinar: Latest publication of HM50



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Technical webinar: of HM50 - Guidelines For The Preparation Of Tanks And Lines For Marine Tank Vessels Carrying Petroleum And Refined Products

Used by the oil industry worldwide, this guidance is used as a vital reference material by shipowners, charterers and cargo inspectors when assessing the tank preparation carried out between voyages. It was prepared primarily with the aim of maintaining product quality using minimum effective tank preparation procedures, thereby reducing the use of marine bunkers and the generation of waste wash water. The guide also offers practical advice on the variety of cargos we see in the modern shipping industry.

The guide has undergone a thorough revision to reflect the changes in specifications and the increased use of renewable fuels such as HVO and Sustainable Aviation Kerosene. In addition, the cleaning tables have been separated into three categories to reflect the type of cargo being loaded  and so we encourage anyone with an interest in ship tank cleaning / preparation, such as energy trading companies, ship owners and independent inspection companies, to join the webinar.


Bios of speakers:

Jonathan Bobbett has worked in the industry for nearly 37 years in a variety of roles from Laboratory, inspection management, trading operations, demurrage and cargo assurance. Now with bp Trading and Shipping for over 17 years, assessing tank cleaning for the busy trading business in bp is a daily requirement, always with an eye on limiting pollution and minimising cost and risk to the quality parameters of cargo to be loaded whilst always adhering to local and international regulations.

Malcolm Aylieff has worked in the industry for 30 years in a variety of roles from petroleum analyst, laboratory manager and product quality. The last 19 years have been spent in Shell, primarily supporting the trading and shipping functions, where he is custodian of the Shell pre-cargo matrix. He has also represented Shell in CONCAWE, ISO committees and at the Energy Institute.

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