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Webinar: Model Code of Safe Practice Part 19 and Atmospheric storage tank sites

Intended for process safety engineers, safety advisors, designers, emergency planners, and regulators, the new 4th edition of EI’s Model Code of Safe Practice Part 19: Fire precautions at petroleum refineries and bulk storage installation (a.k.a EI 19) aims to provide a basis for a consistent approach to managing fire and explosion hazards within companies with multi-installation operations globally.

The 4th edition introduces fresh insights including updated guidance on the health and environmental impacts of firefighting foams. It also provides guidance on the implementation of new firefighting techniques, such as fluorine-free foams and compressed air foams systems. Additionally, you’ll gain insights on initiating events, scenario development, escalation mechanisms, and strategies to prevent escalation as part of a fire and explosion hazard management (FEHM) risk assessment.

The EI has recently published a guidance document titled Vulnerability review and assessment for safety and environmental critical equipment to control escalation risks on atmospheric storage tank sites, 1st edition. This document provides further guidance to duty holders on reviewing and evaluating the vulnerabilities of safety and environmental critical (SEC) equipment and associated human interactions to control escalation risks on atmospheric storage tank sites ,which should be an integral part of the FEHM risk assessment.

During this webinar, Paul Watkins, a Fire Hazard Management Specialist at ENRg Consultants and Ian Herbert, Director of Vulcan Hazard Management will provide a comprehensive overview of the topics covered in these two publications. Following their presentations, there will be an interactive Q & A session where you’ll be able to delve deeper into the content and discuss the practical application of these publications.

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