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Renewable power accounts for nearly 8% of global electricity generation

Renewable energy is derived from resources that are not exhaustible, and its overall production and use usually generates minimal greenhouse gases. In light of the current greenhouse gas-driven warming of the climate and the associated impacts and risks, a global transition to low carbon energy is underway with renewable energy at the forefront. You can find further information below about the technologies, costs and current developments within each of the seven major types of renewables:

You can find a list of the latest news and articles in the section below.

What's new?

Biggest renewables growth to 2023 will come from bioenergy – IEA

You may think that recent and future growth in renewables is all about solar and wind but, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) latest report, bioenergy provided half o...

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Offshore gas and renewables could partner in power generation

An innovative partnership between gas platforms and windfarms could see more power generated – maximising both gas production and renewable electricity generation offshore, according to a repor...

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Buoyant EU carbon price means renewables now competitive with existing coal and gas

The price of a tonne of carbon dioxide in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is, at the time of writing, continuing to rise, having passed the symbolic €20 per tonne mark in l...

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Power line length to triple by 2050 to accommodate renewable electricity

Installed power line length and capacity around the world will triple by 2050 to meet the growth in electrification and in new renewables, suggests a new report by DNV GL.The company says ‘mass...

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Energy Insight: Electricity - renewables: renewables electricity production, OECD countries (DSS31)

Electricity production from renewables sources (excluding generation from pumped storage plants) reached 2731.8 TWh in 2017. The US produced 720.4 TWh of electricity from renewables in 2017 which was ...

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Technical guidance publications

G+ 2017 incident data report

Free to download for registered users. For more information on the G+ visit www.gplusoffshorewind.comThe G+ is committed to providing the industry with information that will improve health and safety ...

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G+ Safe by Design workshop report: WTG access and egress

This publication is available to download for free for registered users.The latest G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation (G+) Safe by Design workshop focused on the issues associated ...

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Fuels for gas turbine engines

Published by Landfall Press; Author: Eric Goodger. Since its emergence during WW2 as a viable alternative to the piston engine,the gas turbine engine has enjoyed a period of rapid development, be...

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Good practice guideline the safe management of small service vessels used in the offshore wind industry

This publication is available to download for free for registered users of this website.In 2013 the G+ commissioned the development of the good practice guideline: The safe management of small service...

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G+ Safe by Design workshop report: Davit cranes

This publication is available to download for free.This G+ Safe by Design workshop was focused on the design and operation of offshore wind turbine generator (WTG) transition piece (TP) mounted davit ...

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