Full Human Performance Learning Pathway for the Energy Sector



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The human performance pathway is an industry recognised qualification to build human performance capability in your organisation.

Developed by the Energy Institute and the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), the pathway is an eLearning training course for all levels – from building awareness of human performance, all the way to developing skilled practitioners.

From a one-hour introductory module to a fully supported Learning Pathway to increase competence and capability, we have options to suit your role and your professional development needs.

This training course is self-taught, giving you the freedom to do it when you decide to, and encourages you to improve your ability to manage human performance with a ‘learning by doing’ approach. Learners can journey on the pathway only as far as they need to.

Those who complete all levels of the pathway can apply to become a Technical member of the CIEHF.

What does the Pathway consist of?

There are four levels within the Pathway:

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Why you should take this Pathway?

Human factors is a vital component of any business, but people who are knowledgeable and skilled in the discipline are in short supply. This Pathway offers a route to attaining those competencies.

The Pathway allows you to gradually build up a pragmatic, flexible and transferable skill set in human factors, so you’ll become a confident and sought-after asset for your organisation.

The Pathway signposts a comprehensive set of resources for self-study in a variety of formats that includes written guides, textbooks, standards and briefing notes, together with podcasts, videos, and webinars. The majority of these resources are freely available.

Alongside these resources, the Pathway provides you with sets of activities to carry out, so you’ll be able to apply the methods, tools, and techniques you’re learning, building up your skills and confidence as you go, so you should never feel out of your depth.

The Pathway takes you through step-by-step, but you set the pace, so you learn at a speed that works for you and fits comfortably with your current commitments, ensuring you have time to benefit fully from the knowledge you’re gaining.

The Pathway includes modules suitable to a wide variety of roles – from frontline workers to human factors specialists.

You will be awarded an industry qualification from the Energy Institute (EI) and Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF). Certificates are awarded at every level, and upon completion of Level 3, you are able to apply to become a Technical Member of the CIEHF.

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