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The Energy Institute offers a range of conferences, seminars, dinners, lunches and other events dealing with all sectors of the energy business and catering for the various interests of EI members and guests.

To keep you up to date with the topics of greatest concern, we run an annual programme of conferences. We are ideally placed to identify topical issues and provide a forum for debate led by experts from industry and government.

Please view the Events Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

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  1. Events in November 2015

  2. London branch AGM and presentations on energy storage

    • 30 Nov

    • London
    This year's EI London and Home Counties branch AGM will take place on Monday 30 November followed by presentations on the topic of Energy Storage.
  3. Events in December 2015

  4. Improvements in engineering & design in an offshore environment

    • 01 Dec

    • Aberdeen
    This event will focus on the historical approach to engineering and design of offshore facilities, and ways in which significant improvements can be made in terms of costs and schedules. These improvements are essentially around organisations, behaviours, workflow/data management, and materials.

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  5. Pathways to 2050: the prospects and challenges facing low carbon energy technologies

    • 02 Dec

    • Sheffield
    There is an urgent need to decarbonise global energy systems to tackle the twin challenges of mitigating climate change and improving energy security. What mix of technologies can help achieve this? How much will it cost? What progress is being made? Which policies can help accelerate the necessary changes?
  6. Fast pyrolysis for bioenergy and biofuels

    • 03 Dec

    • Birmingham
    The EI West Midlands and Mid Wales branch have organised an event on Fast pyrolysis for bioenergy and biofuels.
  7. EI Nigeria Annual General Meeting

    • 04 Dec

    • Lagos
    Members of the Energy Institute (EI) are invited to attend the first EI Nigeria Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will take place in December.
  8. Improving overpressure protection of shell and tube heat exchangers and their piping and relief systems

    • 08 Dec

    • London, UK
    This one-day conference, based upon the findings of a recent Energy Institute managed JIP's revised publication,'Guidelines for the safe design and operation of shell and tube heat exchangers to withstand the impact of tube failure', will address the specific issues related to disk failure, giving guidance on how to improve the inherent safety of STHEs and manage the risks of overpressure impacting STHEs, and their associated piping and relief systems.

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  9. EI London branch YPN Christmas social 2015

    • 11 Dec

    • London
    Join the EI London and Home Counties branch Young Professionals Network (YPN) for an evening of festive celebrations. There will be drinks, a delicious Christmas buffet, a festive energy quiz, cheesy Christmas tunes and maybe even some mistletoe...
  10. UN Climate Change Conference COP21: where next for energy policy?

    • 15 Dec

    • London
    Conventional energy resources continue to account for more than 80% of the world's energy supply and they come with an environmental penalty that cannot be ignored. COP21 should be a decisive step in the negotiation of the future international post-2020 agreement, including both developed and developing countries. Held a few days after the COP21 meeting, the debate will discuss directions for future energy policy in light of the outcomes of the Paris meeting.

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  11. IEA Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report Launch

    • 15 Dec

    • London, UK
    Launch of the International Energy Agency (IEA)'s annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report

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  12. Visit to Worldwide Holdings landfill gas power generation plant

    • 19 Dec

    • Kuala Selangor
    Join the EI Malaysia branch on their next technical site visit to the Worldwide Holdings plant in Jeram.
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