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The Energy Institute offers a range of conferences, seminars, dinners, lunches and other events dealing with all sectors of the energy business and catering for the various interests of EI members and guests.

To keep you up to date with the topics of greatest concern, we run an annual programme of conferences. We are ideally placed to identify topical issues and provide a forum for debate led by experts from industry and government.

Please view the Events Terms & Conditions prior to booking.

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  1. Events in February 2015

  2. Swansea Bay tidal lagoon: a blueprint for a new kind of energy infrastructure

    • 27 Feb

    • The Angel Hotel
    The 41st Annual Walter Idris Jones memorial lecture and luncheon will be held on 27 February 2015.
  3. Events in March 2015

  4. ISO 50001 Lead Auditor Training Course

    • 02 Mar - 06 Mar

    • Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London
    BSIs Energy Management Systems (EnMS) Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course provides you with the skill and knowledge to conduct and lead effective energy management system (EnMS) audits in accordance with the requirements of ISO 50001 and ISO 19011. The course explains the principles and practices of independent auditing for an EnMS, and guides participants through the entire audit process from managing an audit program to reporting on audit results.
  5. International natural gas and LNG markets: Pricing and competitive drivers

    • 02 Mar - 03 Mar

    • London, UK
    This course is focused on the technical and commercial issues, but does not shy away from the key and, in some cases, complex technical and technological issues which hold the key to extracting value from LNG. Through a series of presentations, case studies and exercises delegates are provided with information with which to analyse the economics of LNG supply. This information should help them to identify the key commercial issues in buyer/seller commercial negotiations.... AND MORE.

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  6. Pre-election energy question time

    • 03 Mar

    • CMS Cameron McKenna (CMCK)
    With the UK General Election imminent and this Parliament reaching the end of its term, political parties are busy developing the energy policy positions that they will submit to the voters in May. Ahead of the poll, the EI pre-election energy policy debate will provide an excellent and timely opportunity for delegates to hear the politicians? views on what the future directions for the UK energy industry should be.

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  7. Strategic management of oil and gas assets and companies

    • 04 Mar - 06 Mar

    • Energy Institute
    This 3-day training course addresses strategy in the practical context focusing upon the broader petroleum industry issues of portfolio opportunities, risks, change, performance and organisation. Several videos of high profile international oil and gas projects and short exercises are used in the course to elicit key strategic approaches relevant to real situations along oil and gas supply chains.

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  8. UK MOD Aviation Fuels Committee Meeting

    • 04 Mar - 05 Mar

    • 10-11 Carlton House Terrace
    The Energy Institute will be hosting the annual UK Ministry of Defence Aviation Fuels Committee meeting on behalf of the Defence Strategic Fuels Authority.

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  9. Energy aspects of modern waste treatment plants

    • 04 Mar

    • Engineers Ireland
    The Energy Institute (EI) Republic of Ireland branch have organised an evening presentation on the innovative technological advances related to energy efficiency and generation in wastewater treatment plant design.
  10. ESOS for senior managers

    • 04 Mar

    • London
    A half-day training course for senior managers signing off ESOS on behalf of their organisation. Training will cover ESOS timetable and regulations, understanding energy management audits and your role as a 'responsible officer'.

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  11. District heating schemes and their benefits to the community

    • 05 Mar

    • The Bell at Belbroughton
    The west Midlands and Mid Wales branch of the Energy Institute (EI) have organised this presentation on district heating.
  12. Oil and gas industry fundamentals

    • 09 Mar - 11 Mar

    • Aberdeen, UK
    This course comprehensively covers the oil and gas supply chains from exploration through to fuel retailing. Along the way it addresses conventional and unconventional reserves and resources, drilling and production processes and facilities, economic fiscal and risk issues, transportation, refining, gas to power, wholesale product markets, contracts, physical and paper trading, ... and more.

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