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Oil & Gas: Self-paced Online, Live Online and Face-to-Face Courses

At the Energy Institute, we are fully committed to achieving net zero emissions, whilst recognising the essential role that oil and gas operations currently play in giving people and societies across the globe access to energy. As such, all of our training courses are designed to equip you with the skills to excel in a demanding and ever-changing environment, in addition to discussing the future direction of oil and gas companies and workers as the world transitions to renewable energy.

If you, your colleagues, or the whole team want to further your professional development, the Energy Institute has a range of self-paced online courses, Live Online, and face-to-face courses. Learn together with delegates from across the globe, led by our expert trainers with years of experience so that you can gain the training you need.

The self-paced online courses are available to start at any time and all of our courses are available In-house, either Live Online or delivered at your place of work, to suit your needs. Please contact webtraining@energyinst.org for further information.

Oil & Gas Industry Fundamentals training

NEW: Introduction to the Oil & Gas Industry — Self-paced Online

This short self-paced online introductory training course provides delegates with an overview of principal activities in the international upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum industry, which can be undertaken as a whole (4 hours of study time) or as individual modules (45 minutes of study time).

Module 1 — Overview of the Oil and Gas Industry

Module 2 — The Upstream Oil and Gas Sector

Module 3 — The Midstream Oil and Gas Sector

Module 4 — The Downstream Oil and Gas Sector

Module 5 — The Economics of the Oil and Gas Industry

Energy Storage Fundamentals for Energy Security — Self-paced Online

This self-paced online training course provides delegates with a comprehensive overview of energy storage systems as we transition from fossil fuel based energy to renewable energy sources looking into the power and oil & gas sectors.

Methane Guiding Principles Masterclass — Self-paced Online

This 2-hour self-paced online training course on Methane Guiding Principles will teach delegates the why and how to manage methane emissions across the natural gas value chain. Explore technologies and best practices, and learn how to evaluate methane detection, measurement, and reduction options.

Microbes in Fuels

Free Online Training Tool

This free online training tool will provide learners with an awareness of the issues surrounding microbiological contamination of fuel.

Ageing and Life Extension of Offshore Structures

This 1-day live online course, delivered across 2 half days to accommodate different time zones, will give you an understanding for managing ageing and life extension of structures for offshore oil and gas installations and wind turbines.

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Introduction to LNG

21 - 22 October 2024 — London

This course gives an overview of the LNG chain and the technology and economics of the global LNG industry. By the end of the course participants will appreciate the core technologies underpinning the LNG industry in Liquefaction, Shipping, and Regasification, as well as gaining an understanding of global LNG markets.

Asset Management

25 - 26 March 2024 — Live Online

This 2 half-day live online training course will allow you to discover the aspects involved in managing physical assets in the energy industry with a focus on wind and oil and gas.

Maintenance Strategy Fundamentals in the Energy Industry

18 - 19 March 2024 — Live Online

This 2 half-day live online training course, will teach you the fundamentals of how to develop an efficient and effective maintenance plan through the use of different maintenance strategies, with a focus on examples and exercises in wind energy and oil and gas industries.

Using Reliability-Centered Maintenance

This 2 half-day live online training course will allow you to optimise your energy asset maintenance plan with Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM).

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Oil & Gas Commercial and Management training

Economics of Oil and Gas

This course provides an introduction to the economics that drive the oil and gas industry. Topics covered include; the oil and gas value chains, costs, revenues and risks associated with various stages in the chains, basic economic principles, the pricing of oil, and oil products and gas.

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Aviation Jet Fuel

This 3-day training course will provide delegates with an overview of aviation jet fuel, focusing on the jet engine, its underlying principles and fuel requirements, as well as the critical characteristics of jet fuel, including additives, industry best practice adopted in the supply, handling, and use of aviation fuel.

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In-house training

If none of the standard training options presented here meet your needs or if you are looking to train a group of staff, perhaps on your own premises, then you may want to consider having a course tailored to your specific requirements.

The EI can create bespoke programmes from a combination of our existing course content or develop a unique programme from scratch using our specialised qualified trainers.

In addition to the above courses, In-house courses include:

Supply & distribution: Organisation, operations and economics

This 3-day training course is designed for those who are or will be operating in the Supply & Distribution functions and will provide the background knowledge to allow them to take the right decisions on how to supply the network at the right cost.

EI1550: Essentials of aviation fuel filtration

This 2-day course delivers an essential guide to aviation fuel cleanliness monitoring and control.  It provides critical information through practical and interactive instruction – based on the international API/EI 1550 international standards handbook.

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IE Week

Convened by the Energy Institute’s sector experts, International Energy Week 2023 is the global conference focused on transitioning out of the geopolitical and environmental crises facing energy.

Oil & Gas

Oil and natural gas remain the world's leading fuels, accounting for nearly 55% of global energy consumption.